Your question: Will there be more Super Mario Lego sets?

LEGO has officially announced the summer 2021 wave of LEGO Super Mario sets. There are four expansion sets along with a couple of Power-Up Packs and Series 3 of the Character Packs.

What new LEGO Mario sets are coming out?

Here’s the full list of LEGO Mario summer 2021 sets.

  • Bowser’s Airship: $99.99 | 1,152 pieces.
  • Reznor Knockdown: $69.99 | 862 pieces.
  • Lakitu Sky World: $39.99 | 484 pieces.
  • Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower: $29.99 | 231 pieces.
  • Bee Mario Power-Up Pack: $9.99 | 13 pieces.
  • Frog Mario Power-Up Pack: $9.99 | 11 pieces.

Will there be a LEGO Luigi set?

When is the LEGO Luigi set release date? … It says on the kit’s product page that the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course will ship on 1st August 2021, making that summery day the official release date for the set.

Is there a Luigi Lego?

LEGO Luigi has a color sensor, an LCD screen to display many different instant reactions to movement, and a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video game. … This modular, 280-piece LEGO toy building set makes a fun birthday or holiday gift for creative kids aged 6 and up.

Is Lego Mario Limited?

Pretty sure this was supposed to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. 77907 Toad’s Special Hideaway Expansion Set is a limited edition set and is now available from Target and

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