Your question: Are LEGO set boxes worth anything?

How much can you sell a box of Legos for?

The rule of thumb for unsorted Lego is between 6$ and 12$ per pound. If the bricks are sorted by color or include lots of desirable pieces, they are worth more.

Should you flatten LEGO boxes?

If you want to keep them as pristine as possible, flattened is a better option. Unflattened boxes – especially the ones made of the new, thinner cardboard – can band and warp easily by simple things like heat and the humidity in the air. By having the boxes flattened and stacked they will stay as unchanged as possible.

Is LEGO waste of money?

The perception of high cost in the range of construction toys is countered by the fact that LEGO branded bricks still work after many years, whereas some of the cheap clones last for only three tries. The latter would disappoint a child or adult builder so they are the waste of money.

What is the best way to sell used LEGOs?

There are a wide variety of websites that allow you to sell LEGOs. The most popular, and easiest to use, is eBay. eBay is a website where all kinds of items are sold. However, there are also a variety of other sites, including buyback stores.

Where is the best place to sell used LEGOs?

Best places to sell LEGO

  • Looking to Sell LEGOs?
  • Auction sites.
  • Local Yard Sales.
  • Facebook Yard Sale Groups.
  • Local Classifieds.
  • Bricks and Minifigs.
  • Thrift stores.
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