You asked: How do you get past the security troll in Lego Harry Potter?

How do you get past the troll guard in Lego Harry Potter?

To defeat the troll, simply keep your distance when it swings the club or throws items at you. It frequently will hammer the ground with its weapon, which sends out a shockwave that knocks you back but doesn’t harm you.

How do you get past the snowman in Lego Harry Potter?

Run it back and forth along the icy spot on the right side of the trail to melt the ice and reveal a bunch of LEGO pieces, which you can use to build a bonfire in front of the meddlesome snowman. That’ll melt him away and allow you to proceed.

How do you get past the giant in Lego Harry Potter?

If you stop playing or your game freezes before completing the next mission, the ghost will try to take you to the next mission through the blocked door. Just ignore the arrow and use the door in the garden area.

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How do you unlock the green lock in Lego Harry Potter?


  1. Keys can be found in places such as orange paintings or boggarts. User Info: superjerome3. …
  2. If you are referring to the green lock located outside Hogwarts but in the area to the right of Madam Hooch’s flying lessons (near the water fountain), there is a boggart-chest south of the lock.

How do you beat the troll in Harry Potter Game Boy?

Get close, and when it raises its club, back off and hit it with the Flipendo spell. Then, knock it into the largest hole on the far left.

Where is the divination classroom in Lego Harry Potter?

It was located in the North Tower. It was accessible through a circular trapdoor and was described as looking like a cross between somebody’s attic and an old-fashioned teashop. The classroom was located at the top of the Divination Stairwell, connected to the rest of the castle by the long corridor.

How do you get past Draco in Lego Harry Potter?

Watch the tip of Draco’s wand: If he throws a LEGO stud, then just get out of the way – you can’t throw them back at him. When you see a snowball, wait for the purple waves of energy around it, then throw it back at him with Wingardium Leviosa magic [just like the troll in the girls’ bathroom].

What does mischief managed mean in Harry Potter?

Mischief Managed is the incantation which closes or “wipes” clean the Marauders Map (PA10).

How do you get past the giant in Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7?

Use Wingardium Leviosa on the plant here to cause the vines to recede and allow you to pass through. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the bush a little bit forward and place the item in front of you.

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What do you do with the red boxes in Lego Harry Potter?

When you find a Red Brick, you’ll be somewhere in Hogwarts Castle itself. There should be an owl perch nearby. Take the brick to the perch and it will be sent out to the Emporium. Then you can head to the Emporium (in Diagon Alley) and purchase whatever ‘Extra’ the brick made available.

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