You asked: Does Lego have GST?

Does Lego charge before shipping?

No, delivery costs are not included in the prices. … When you place an order from the Bricks & Pieces or Pick a Brick sections of the LEGO Shop, special shipping and handling fees will be added to the price.

Can I return Lego online?

If for any reason you need to return your order, it’s easy and free! All returns or exchanges must be made within 90 days of receipt of your order. To get a free return label on, log into your account and go to your Order Status page. From there, click on “Return Items” and follow the instructions.

Where does Lego com ship from?

Shipping Time for Standard Ground Delivery

LEGO® Education distribution center centrally located in Garland, Texas – making ground delivery as fast as expedited shipping for parts of the country.

Does Lego US ship to Australia?

For orders shipped via standard delivery, please allow 1-8 business days from the date the order is shipped. For same day shipping, orders must be received by 12PM AEST. Orders received after 12PM AEST will ship the following day.

Standard Delivery.

Order Value Standard
AUD 149.01+ FREE
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BrickLink was acquired by the LEGO Group because it is interested in strengthening the connection with the AFOL community and finding new ways of doing this through improvements to existing functions on the platform.

Can I return Lego to Lego store?

LEGO® Stores give full refunds for any sealed sets originally purchased at a LEGO® Store provided you have the original receipt and the payment card you used at the store. … Open sets with a receipt can be returned for an exchange or store credit.

Where is the LEGO warehouse?

Aside from its main distribution center in Prague, LEGO operates warehouses in Denmark, Eastern Europe, and Mexico.

Where does LEGO Pick a Brick ship from?

Pick-A-Brick orders are shipped from Denmark so they take longer, and they also need more processing time. In my experience they take 2 weeks to arrive.

Does Lego ship to India?

The products found in the Lego online store are unable to ship directly to India. In fact, you can ship any product from Lego directly to India at a low, inexpensive rate.

Why is my Lego order taking so long?

Your order is going through our normal review process. Your order is getting ready to ship from our warehouse. … Our warehouse team will print the shipping label and pack the order so it’s ready for the courier to pick up. This usually takes up to 48 hours, but can take longer if we’re receiving high volumes of orders.

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