Who plays Pythor in Ninjago?

Who plays Pythor Ninjago?

Is Pythor the only Anacondrai?

Pythor is the only known Anacondrai who is not purple for his entire life. The Anacondrai are the only 2012 Serpentine Tribe not to have a Fangblade. The Anacondrai are the only Serpentine tribe to have more than one general.

What are the 5 Snake tribes of Ninjago?

Anacondrai, Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai, and Venomari were the five tribes, all with their own unique abilities to sabotage the ninja. In this concept art for the tribes, we can see a flame-filled and hypnotic race of snakes, the latter of which would become Hypnobrai.

How did Lord Garmadon have 4 arms?

During his time in his dark dimension, he gained the power of doing what was seemingly impossible for him to achieve: to wield all four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu at once. … Upon being purified at the Overlord’s defeat, Garmadon lost his extra pair of arms and subsequently, the power to wield all four Golden Weapons.

Are the Vermillion serpentine?

The Vermillion and the Pyro Vipers are the only Serpentine tribes that weren’t involved in the Serpentine War.

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