Where is Woody in Lego Incredibles?

Character Film Location
Spot The Good Dinosaur Outer Municiberg (east)
Sully Monsters Inc Docks (west)
Wall-E Wall-E Industrial (north)
Woody Toy Story Tourist (central)

How do you get Russell in Lego Incredibles?

On the southern side of the Financial District, you can find a construction site with an area for a Super build. After erecting the build, you unlock Russell.

Where is Pizza Planet Lego Incredibles?

Red Brick #7: Stud Magnet – Find the Family Build in the center of the Tourist district. You’ll build a Pizza Planet on the empty lot. Use the grapple point on the rocket behind the pizza place, then use the wheel on the grabber machine inside.

What do you do with the coins in Lego Incredibles?

Those are as follows:

  1. X10 Coins – for erecting a Super build in the Industrial district,
  2. X8 Coins – for a Super build in Waterfront district (the central east part),
  3. X6 Coins – for a Super build in Downtown,
  4. X2 Coins – for a Super build in City Park,

How do you get all the gold bricks in Lego Incredibles?

There are 210 to be found in this game, and they can be gained through a variety of means:

  1. Completing a Story Mission.
  2. Getting True Super in a Story Mission.
  3. Completing the Minikit in a Story Mission.
  4. Completing a Mission in Crime Waves.
  5. Completing Crime Waves.
  6. Completing Family Builds.
  7. Winning Races.
  8. Finding them in the City.
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How do you fly in Lego Incredibles?

Double jump to engage flying, use the X button to lift, the Circle button to drop, and the Left Stick to steer.

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