What is the best vehicle in LEGO Marvel superheroes?

Can you drive cars in Lego Marvel superheroes?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes includes a vast repository of Vehicles, many of which may be unlocked and purchased. There are 44 land-based vehicles to unlock and drive around Manhattan.

Who is the boss challenge?


Who’s the Boss Complete each race, side mission, and puzzle in every area to unlock the corresponding boss. Defeat the boss to acquire that character.
Trivia Time Avenger’s Mansion: 1 Egypt: 1 Hala: 1 Hydra Empire: 2 Kang’s Citadel: 1 Manhattan Noir: 1 Medieval England: 1 Nueva York: 1 Xandar: 1

What was the first Lego Marvel set?

The Marvel Universe sets were first released in 2012. Four The Avengers sets and one X-Men set were released in March, followed by one Ultimate Spider-Man set in August.

How do you unlock vehicles in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

To access the vehicle menu, hold down Y to bring up the Character Grid, then press X to switch to the Vehicle Grid. You’ll then have to place it in the world, which you can do as long as the image of it is colored green. New vehicles are unlocked via completing Challenges.

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