What happened to Olivia in Lego Friends?

Mia was allowed to keep her freckles and her hairstyle, but her eyes were changed from brown to green. Olivia went through the most drastic makeover; new skin color, new hairstyle, and glasses. The only girl that didn’t change at all is Stephanie; she is still the blue-eyed blonde with the same features and hairstyle.

Does Olivia from Lego friends have siblings?

Izzy is Emma’s younger brother who often tries tricking her and isn’t good at being secret for most of the time. He is friends with Cole, who is Olivia’s younger brother.

What ethnicity is Olivia in Lego Friends?

I think Olivia is Mexican-American in the reboot, as she has a more medium skin tone and Olivia is often used as a Spanish name (speaking from experience xD).

Is Heartlake City real?

The Lego Friends sets depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City and usually include one of the character’s names in the titles. The sets are complemented by an animated series that premiered in 2014.

What is Lego Mia good at friends?

Mia is an adventurer who loves animals and being outdoors. In fact, she’s pretty sure her horse Bella understands her better than most people. … Loves: skateboarding, animals, nature, honesty, alone time. Not so crazy about: long discussions, people who tell her something is impossible.

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