Quick Answer: What causes LEGO discoloration?

If LEGO gets exposed to direct or strong indirect sun (like midday sun through a window) on a regular basis, it will eventually get discolored. Discoloration can also happen from artificial light that is too bright and too close to your display. This will especially be visible on white and blue bricks.

Does LEGO discolor?

Conclusion: No, you don’t have to worry about discoloration as long as you don’t put your LEGO outdoors for a long time (some weeks/months/years).

How do you stop Legos from yellowing?

The most common issue that causes LEGO bricks to yellow is interaction with ultraviolet light, most commonly from the sun. The simplest way to prevent this is to store parts indoors out of the way of even indirect sunlight.

Does dust ruin LEGOs?

Not in my experience, no, though how you go about cleaning the dust off could. I’d recommend a microfiber cloth so you don’t scratch the bricks. I recently pulled my old Snowspeeder out from under my bed, where it’s been collecting dust for 10+ years.

Can LEGOs melt in the sun?

It is best to store the LEGOs away from direct sunlight. … Although sunlight will not cause the bricks to melt, it will accelerate their decomposition and cause the color to fade, leaving them brittle and discolored.

Is Lego UV resistant?

Yes, sunlight (or UV light actually) will weaken plastic and discolour the pieces (especially white, orange and red) you cant really work against it… unfortunately.

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Can you polish LEGO?

Dip the clear LEGO pieces in the polish, making sure that the LEGO piece is fully covered. … The liquid acrylic floor-polish is self-leveling and will fill any micro-scratches or minor flaws in the LEGO piece. Once fully dry you can lightly polish the LEGO piece with a soft cloth.

Can you use bleach on Legos?

Mild dish detergent: Never use anything that contains bleach to clean Lego because it will damage the bricks. Soft cloth or sponge: Lego advises using one of these to scrub each brick. … Towels: Use as many as you need to spread out your Lego bricks as they air-dry.

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