Quick Answer: How do you save Arthur Weasley in Lego Harry Potter?

How do you save Arthur Weasley Lego?

Hit the Death Eater with the large frying pan to save Mr Weasley. Shoot the spiderweb then take the red spider needed for your Invisibility Potion.

How do you get Arthur Weasley in Lego Harry Potter?

Arthur Weasley – After using the Floo Powder and ending up inside of Borgin and Burkes this is found in a Dark Magic cabinet near the exit door.

How do you get Arthur Weasley out of the fountain?

Use Kingsley to help with spells. Once the wizards are in place around the fountain, you move Harry to the remaining guardian, and cast your spell and Mad-Eye will pop out!

How does Arthur die in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, our beloved Weasley patriarch Arthur suffered a brutal attack from Nagini – Lord Voldemort’s snake companion – while guarding the Department of Mysteries; an attack that seemed like it could be his end.

Where is the wizard’s frog in Harry Potter Lego?

You’ll find it behind a destroyed blue bars. To open it, use the Arthur Weasley skills. When you open the door with bars, take the toad and bring it to the wizard.

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How do you destroy the car in LEGO Harry Potter?

First thing’s first, use Dudley to pull the handle on the merry-go-round to earn the character token for Dudley (Grey Top). Then, use Harry to levitate the bushes out of the way and switch to Dudley to pull the handle on the gate. Shoot the broken car and then pull the handle to destroy the car.

How do you unlock Moaning Myrtle?

Moaning Myrtle — How to Unlock: She can be found in the Year 2 “The Basilisk” level. You need the Reducto spell to get to her. She’s in a chest, where the big sink is behind it, it’s at the start of the level.

How do you unlock Mr Weasley?

The Student In Peril is inside. Destroy the fanged chest nearby and go inside. Use a Dark Wizard to destroy the sphere with Crucio to get the Slytherin Crest piece. There is also a chest near the door that needs destroyed with Crucio to get Arthur Weasley.

Which characters can use dark magic in Lego Harry Potter 5 7?

Known Playable Characters

  • Aberforth Dumbledore.
  • Alastor Moody (Abilities: Use Magical Eye)
  • Albus Dumbledore (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antioch Peverell (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antonin Dolohov (Abilities: Dark Magic)
  • Arabella Figg.
  • Argus Filch (Abilities: Mrs.
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