Is there an app to identify Lego minifigures?

The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog App is a must for every LEGO enthusiast! It contains information about all the Minifigures and Sets from the early beginnings through 2011. … The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog App can even import/export with your data on The App is available for iOS and Android.

How do you find out what LEGO minifigure you have?

Go to “Catalog” -> “Parts” -> “Minifigure, Torso” Search for “Robe”, or “Belt”, or “star”, or “jacket” or whatever it looks like to you. Now Scroll through until you see a familiar piece.

Is there an app to identify LEGO pieces?

The Brickit app is the best use of the iPhone’s AR technology I’ve seen yet. It will scan a huge pile of Lego and identify the individual bricks. … Judging by the demo video, the app appears to be capable of identifying thousands of bricks in just a few seconds.

Are Lego minifigures marked?

Many official LEGO minifigures have a marking on the front of the neck, that will either be in a lighter color or a darker color than the rest of the torso piece. If the neck stud comes in one solid color, then it’s possible that you have a counterfeit one. … This is not the case for counterfeit minifigs.

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Are Lego minifigures numbered?

The numbering of the figures in each set below is in accordance with the visual guide sheet which is included within the individual packets for each series.

How many minifigures are there?

Over 4 billion Minifigures have been made!

Since 1978, over 4 billion Minifigures have been made, if they were people, they would be the largest population on Earth, more than double of China’s current population!

Is there an app for LEGO instructions?

Around this time last year a new feature was added to the LEGO® Life app called Instructions Plus. LEGO Building Instructions is available now on iOS and Android. … Log in with your LEGO ID to access sets added across multiple devices.

What are the names of LEGO pieces?

Top 600 Most Common LEGO Parts (updated January 2021)

Rank Part ID Part Name
1 (+2) 4073 1×1 Plate, Round
2 (-1) 3023 1×2 Plate
3 (-1) 3024 1×1 Plate
4 — 2780 Technic Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Center Slots

Do all LEGO pieces say LEGO on them?

3 Answers. There are no LEGO parts with studs that have no logo on them. The hollow versions of studs which are on technic bricks and many other bricks have the Lego logo printed on the insides.

Are there counterfeit Legos?

On their own, Legos are just these little plastic bricks. You can see why it would be tempting to make counterfeits. It’s not like trying to make a fake AirPod or an Apple Watch or something. The biggest and most notorious of these counterfeiters is a Chinese brand called LEPIN.

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