Is it OK to play with Lego at 15?

It is perfectly fine to ‘play’ with Lego at our age. If any of your friends criticise or make fun of you, they are not your true friend.

Can a 15 year old play with Legos?

There really should never be an age limit on LEGO because the basic concept of these bricks and the potential for creations and imaginative play is instilled in us from playtime as young children right through adulthood.

Can a 12 year old play with Lego?

The people who DESIGN for Legos are most assuredly older than 12.5 and no doubt get PAID to play with them! No, it isn’t because there are Lego sets for all ages, even 12 1/2 years age so if you are giving away a Lego set for 12+, the person should play with it.

Is Lego a good hobby?

Lego building and collecting can be a great hobby. … Lego’s are enjoyed by kids all over the world (and even some adults). Lego Company estimates that over 400 million people a year play with Lego Bricks. There are clubs you can join with the Lego company as well as building clubs and building competitions.

Why do Legos say 4 99?

Local family celebrates – woman gifted LEGO bricks from LEGO Company for 100th birthday. … Nunn said The LEGO Company responded to her grandmother playing with LEGO bricks at the age of 99 the day before she turned 100, showing she was playing with them on the last day of the age limit of 99. The box said for ages 4 – 99 …

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