How does LEGO support the community?

Through the LEGO Group, families and fans can join the Build to Give campaign by building and sharing holiday ornaments. For every ornament displayed in-store or shared online, we donate a LEGO set to a child in need of play.

How is Lego helping the environment?

The LEGO Group partners with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as part of our effort to reduce carbon emissions in our manufacturing and supply chain operations, and to promote global action on climate change.

How do Legos help with social development?

From a young age, it is important for children to understand the importance of other people. … Lego helps develop these social skills by giving children the ability to work in groups to make creations. Once the creations are done, the children can play together and create exciting stories from their imaginations.

Does Lego donate to charity?

Lego’s rebirth as a pop-cultural icon via the billion-dollar-plus grossing “Lego Movies” is matched by its massive generosity : it’s nonprofit arm The Lego Foundation owns 25% of the company which has enabled it to give a U.S.$100 million grant to a consortium led by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to promote …

How bad are Legos for the environment?

One of the biggest is its leaching into the environment. Just in the year 2014, Lego reported that it produced more than 60 billion Lego pieces. To make that many bricks required 77,000 metric tons of petroleum. If that isn’t bad enough, think about all the discarded little bricks making their way into landfills.

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Why is Lego going green?

The company has a team of 100 people dedicated to developing its green toys, and they need to make sure Lego has an environmentally friendly product it can put on store shelves by 2030. By then, Lego’s colorful building blocks will be made from sustainable materials such as sugar cane.

Why Legos are good for adults?

It gives them an open mind and teaches them to listen to others’ ideas; colleagues or peers may have a better way of reaching a solution. Adults also benefit from improving their problem-solving techniques. The construction process may help them with strategic and lateral thinking at work and at home.

Why are Legos the best toy?

Using LEGO bricks is the perfect opportunity for building fine motor skills! Children love the thrill of building and they can do this for hours, building up strong little muscles in their hands that will help them do other skills, such as learn to write. …

What charity did Lego donate to?

LEGO, has received much praise online after announcing that they’ll donate $4 million to support black children on Wednesday. “We stand with the black community against racism and inequality,” the Dutch toy production company said.

What can I do with unwanted Lego?

What to Do With Old LEGO

  • Donate to Charity. Charities and charity shops are always looking for donations, especially for children’s toys. …
  • Give to a Local School. …
  • Hand it Down. …
  • Don’t Recycle! …
  • Sell it On. …
  • Sell your LEGO to Zapper.
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