How do you unlock the last character in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

Who is the last character in Pirates of the Caribbean?

That character is just simply Jack Sparrow. You can unlock him with the last code in the code list that’s floating here in one of the topics.

How do you change characters in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?

How do you change your character? You will need to press the Y button on your Xbox 360 controller (Triangle button on PS3) to bring up your character roster.

How do you unlock Davy Jones in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?


  1. Just hit him a few times when you find him walking around the hub. This applies to any character you need to purchase that has the blacked out circle over their head preventing you from buying him/her. …
  2. I’m not sure this is the right way, but I walked up to him and attacked him.

Who did Jack Sparrow marry?

Elizabeth Swann

Love Interest
Full Name Elizabeth Turner (nee Swann)
Alias Elizabeth Turner ( before marriage)
Origin Pirates of the Caribbean
Occupation Pirate King

Was Angelica pregnant in Pirates of the Caribbean?

By the time filming for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides started, Penélope Cruz (Angelica) was about two months pregnant when she began filming her scenes. … Cruz’s pregnancy became noticeable on set at Puerto Rico, about four months after filming began.

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Who has super strength in Lego Pirates?


Name Ability Characters/Items
Repair Repair red-hot elements and machines. Mallot Mr. Brown Mr. Gibbs Salaman
Strength These characters pull orange levers and lift up other minifigs and smash them to pieces. Blackbeard Bo’sun Crash Davy Jones Garheng Gunner Zombie Tattoo Pirate Quartermaster Zombie

How did Jack escape Davy Jones Locker?

It’s not Davy John’s bottle it is Davy John’s Locker. As of the escape.. Wondring Jack Sparrow throws a stone and it transforms in to Crabe and multiples rapidly and these crabs help in sliding the ship out of place and set it into motion.

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