How do you remove a Lego head?

Do Lego Minifigures come apart?

No, they are not meant to come off (and neither are their hands) and I imagine that doing so repeatedly will cause them to become loose, as is the case with hands.

How do you fix a loose Lego head?

You can paint some nail polish or acrylic on the neck to strengthen that connection. Thin the acrylic (use water based) before applying. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve used brushable superglue to put a thin layer on the back of the neck. Then I let it fully dry, and it grips the head fine.

Can I make a Lego of myself?

Brick Yourself is here to make a replica out of you or a friend, and it is awesome. Yes, this is a real thing: Firebox, a London-based online retailer known for their wacky yet hilarious items, is making it possible for you to have a real, tangible, toy version of yourself.

Can you create your own Lego set?

Of course, anyone can make a new LEGO creation out of existing sets, or more commonly, combining the pieces of existing sets. But for anything over about a hundred pieces, you’ll need a plan, both for building the set itself and for acquiring the specific pieces you need.

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