How do you identify Legos?

In addition to the element number, many parts have a 4- or 5-digit design number moulded on the inside of the piece. The number will be small, so you may need to rotate the brick under bright light to see it. The design number along with the colour is a great way to identify a piece.

Is there an app to identify Lego pieces?

The Brickit app is the best use of the iPhone’s AR technology I’ve seen yet. It will scan a huge pile of Lego and identify the individual bricks. … Judging by the demo video, the app appears to be capable of identifying thousands of bricks in just a few seconds.

What do the numbers on Legos mean?

Each mould also produces several examples of each part per injection cycle, so the position number pinpoints exactly where a part was made. If there are problems with parts (they’re mismoulded, break easily, etc), this information helps Lego with tracking down where and when a specific part was made.

How do you identify LEGO minifigures?

Go to “Catalog” -> “Parts” -> “Minifigure, Torso” Search for “Robe”, or “Belt”, or “star”, or “jacket” or whatever it looks like to you. Now Scroll through until you see a familiar piece.

What are the names of LEGO pieces?

Top 600 Most Common LEGO Parts (updated January 2021)

Rank Part ID Part Name
1 (+2) 4073 1×1 Plate, Round
2 (-1) 3023 1×2 Plate
3 (-1) 3024 1×1 Plate
4 — 2780 Technic Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Center Slots
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Are Legos numbered?

LEGO has always numbered its sets, but the way it has done so has never been particularly logical or consistent. Most sets released prior to about 1980 had 3-digit numbers, then 4-digits were used for the majority of sets released before 2013. …

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