How do you get character tokens in Lego Harry Potter?

For each character you can find a round token, either lying around the school, or within levels themselves. Each level has three tokens to find, giving you 72 of the characters. The rest must be found while free-roaming around the school.

Where are the character tokens in Hogwarts?

Character tokens. Ron (Hogwarts): In the chest on the right, beside the entrance door. Seamus Finnigan: (Time Travel) in the spot where the clock was, there us a padlocked chest – use (RD). Dean Thomas: (Time Travel) open the suitcase on the left, by the bed – where the Red Brick was.

Can you unlock characters in Free Play Lego Harry Potter?

In many cases you will have to revisit the level in Free Play to unlock a specific character or two so waiting until you meet all of the requirements before bothering to revisit will spare you replaying each level yet more times than necessary.

Where is the last character token Lego Harry Potter 5 7?

Professor Dumbledore

How to get: In the area where you start the level, near the exit, there is an object to the right that is red and black. Use dark magic on this and it will fall to the ground and start firing out studs. After a few seconds of this, it will explode and reveal the token.

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How do you get 100 Harry Potter Lego?

How to complete the game in 100%? – you have to complete every single mission (24 in total) with True Wizard status, complete house crests, rescue all students (50 in total), collect all Red (20 in total) and Gold (200 in total) Bricks, collect all 167 character tokens.

How do you unlock Ravenclaw characters?

Ravenclaw Girl – Go from the moving stairs into the lobby area and unlock the door in the upper left corner with the green key. This leads to the library where four characters are found. Use Reducto on the right door and then put together the radio that comes out.

How do you get more characters in LEGO Harry Potter?


  1. Go out to Daigon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron. Along the left side of the alley are the shops to buy extras, charachters, etc. User Info: pluto88. …
  2. Go to menu (press the +) and then go down to ‘go to the Leaky Cauldron’. Once in there, there is a hallway/doorway at the back of the room- go through.

Which characters can use dark magic in Lego Harry Potter 5-7?

Known Playable Characters

  • Aberforth Dumbledore.
  • Alastor Moody (Abilities: Use Magical Eye)
  • Albus Dumbledore (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antioch Peverell (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antonin Dolohov (Abilities: Dark Magic)
  • Arabella Figg.
  • Argus Filch (Abilities: Mrs.

How do you get Voldemort in Harry Potter 5-7?


  1. During the fight with Nagini, go behind one of the pillars and you’ll find his character token. You then must buy him, but he costs 25,000,000! I just used the multiplier cheat codes. …
  2. Once you start fighting Nagini, go to the back right corner of the area. User Info: stepheng82. stepheng82 – 8 years ago 1 3.
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What do the red sparkles in Lego Harry Potter?

In order to do away with the objects with red sparkles around them you have to use dark magic. In order to use dark magic you need to use the Polyjuice Potion (or use an evil character on freeplay — e.g. Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle or Barty Crouch Jr.).

Where is the Death Eater in Lego Harry Potter?


  • If you still want the death eater, he is found in the World Cup level (1st level, year 4). But you can use any bad character to do it: evil Quirrel, L. …
  • The red parts just require someone evil.
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