How do you get all the Minikits in Lego Marvel Avengers?

During gameplay you can collect 150 minikits in total (15 missions x 10 collectibles). To obtain them, you must unlock free play mode first and choose the right hero with appropriate skills – they are some riddles, that only specific characters can resolve.

How do you throw Thor’s Hammer Lego Marvel?

Once you get through the laser gate as Hulk and Iron Man you will gain access to Captain America and Thor. Select Thor and charge your hammer with energy (hold the shooting button) and then fire at the enemies flying at you.

Where is the collector in Ultron undone?

Use the dig spot in the alcove on the right in the second area to reach The Collector. Use Captain America’s shield to put out the fire and use the bricks to build a crowbar. Use Scarlet Witch’s powers to wield the crowbar and pry the lid off the nearby coffin.

Where is the red brick in no strings on me?

Red Brick – Stan Lee in Peril Detector (Free Play)

The Collector is on a ledge above the bar on the right side of Tony Stark’s lounge. This time he wants a vinyl record. Use Ultron’s power to destroy the turntable in the back of the room on the second floor and take the record back to the collector.

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How do I get money in Avengers?

That means you’ll earn them for completing missions, beating bosses, and progressing the game’s story content. You can use units to buy gear from the in-game vendors, as well as level up your Hero Challenge Card – essentially a character-specific battle pass.

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