How do you beat the mother troll in Lego Hobbit?

You need to wait for the troll to knock himself down, as a result of a strong bang against the ground. Then, Buddy-Up two characters and perform an action to eliminate the troll. After you have defeated all three of them, this mission ends.

How do you get the trolls in Lego Hobbit?

The Troll Bouncer is a character available to purchase in the Troll Disco, located on the banks of the river.

  1. How to Unlock: Purchase in Hub World.
  2. Cost: 15,000 Studs.
  3. Location: Inside the Troll Disco (only available at night)
  4. Powers: None.

How do you beat escaping the goblin tunnels?

Escaping the Goblin Tunnels. From the start of this area, head to the right and use Dwalin to hammer smash the cart blocking the way. Jump up to the bridge just above, cross it, then use Gandalf to blast the blue barrier on the far side of the platform. Blasting the blue barrier drops a battering ram.

Where are the red bricks in Lego Hobbit?

Red Bricks

Effect Location / Quest Name Required Mithril Treasure Item
Studs X2 Hobbiton – A Flail of a Time Mithril Flail
Studs X4 High Pass – Dual Wielding Mithril Shadow Blade
Studs X6 Moria – Build Day Mithril Construction Hat
Studs X8 Bree- Bilbo and the Beanstalk Mithril Beanstalk

What do poo studs do in LEGO Hobbit?

The Red Brick Poo Studs allows you to make animals you ride Poo out studs. This doesn’t get you rich quick, but it is funny and will add to your over all stud count.

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