How do I find LEGO store stock?

On each product page, you find a Check Store Stock tab, click it and enter your address details for stock details of the closest LEGO store to you or enter the details of the store you want to check stock for. You can then be safe in the knowledge that the store should stock the product when you visit the store.

Why are all Legos out of stock?

Due to the pandemic, Lego’s supply chain is disrupted. One of the factories in Mexico is currently closed, so they are having to share the sets made in other factories with the markets normally served by the closed factory. Also, yeah, demand is likely higher due to everyone being home.

Will LEGO restock sold out items?

If you need to buy a gift for the kids in your family (or you want to splurge on yourself), it’s hard to go wrong with LEGO. … As Brick Fanatics reports, will notify you when a sold-out kit you like is back in stock.

What happens to LEGO store displays?

At the Lego Stores they used to put them in the “dump bin” where all extra loose brick went, which would be shipped back to Lego and used as donation (for hospitals, education, etc).

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What does temporarily out of stock mean LEGO?

LEGO marks it Retired on the page. It is temporarily out of stock meaning that it will be back in stock once they have made more. The manufacturing facility in Mexico is still closed. Once it opens back up it could take weeks or even months to catch back up on production.

What does LEGO sold out mean?

Although “sold out” combined with “retiring soon” is a good indication that it’s not coming back since it’s unlikely they’d be manufacturing any more. 10188 is the perfect example of a set that went sold out more than once and still came back in stock.

Does out of stock mean discontinued?

Unfortunately, when an item is discontinued it means we no longer have this item in stock and will not be bringing more in. … If you click on a product to go to the product page you should see a Out of Stock- Expected Arrival Date, click on this to see when approximately it will be back in stock.

Are Lego displays glued?

Lego store displays are rare for the most part. … Most Lego displays are glued together from Lego and cannot be taken apart.

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