How do I contact LEGO Canada?

Call us free of charge from the United States or Canada at 1-800-835-4386 for assistance in English or 1-877-518-5346 for assistance in French (when calling the free phone number from a mobile phone you may be charged by your mobile phone operator).

How do I contact someone at Lego?

Customer Service

  1. Chat with us. Go to or chatroom to get help with any questions big or small.
  2. Call us. LEGO® Customer Service. 00800 5346 5555. …
  3. Customer Service site. Get all your questions answered at our Customer Service site.

Is there a Lego company in Canada?

LEGO Canada Inc Company Profile | Markham, ON, Canada | Competitors, Financials & Contacts – Dun & Bradstreet.

How do I contact LEGO about missing pieces?

No problem – simply go to, where you can order missing pieces and download free digital instructions. You’ll also find the contact details for your country there in case you’d like to call or email our Customer Service team.

Who owns Lego now?

How do I donate to Lego?

LEGO Replay is our way of helping fans donate bricks to kids in need. We’re currently trying it out in the United States. Just go to, print out a shipping label, box up your bricks and get them to the post office.

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Can you return Legos to Lego store?

As long as you bought the items in the last 90 days, you can take them back to the LEGO Store and one of our in-store Brick Specialists will be able to help you. You can get a full refund for any sealed sets originally purchased at one of our stores if you still have the receipt.

What is the most expensive Lego set?

The 7 Most Expensive Lego Sets in the World

  • Top 7 Most Expensive Lego Sets in the World. …
  • Taj Mahal #10256 – $369.99. …
  • Roller Coaster #10261 – $379.99. …
  • Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 #42115 – $379.99. …
  • Diagon Alley #75978 – $399.99. …
  • Hogwarts Castle #71043 – $399.99. …
  • Liebherr R 9800 Excavator #42100 – $449.99.
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