Frequent question: What is the magnifying glass in Lego Incredibles?

How do you use the magnifying glass in Lego Incredibles?

In certain areas you’ll spot a faint cloud with a magnifying glass marking it. Press Circle near it and you’ll begin tracking. Follow the footprints until you start crawling, after which you can tap Circle again to dig up the hidden object.

What is the hidden challenge in Lego Incredibles?

In the challenge Heightened Senses in the Urbem Heights district, you have to destroy five flying saucers. You can destroy them using physical attack or superpowers.

How do you get the gold brick in outer Municiberg?

One of the gold bricks in Outer Municibergu can be found in the pool next to Edna Mode’s house. The pool is surrounded by lasers. You can use Viola for an easy way in (both the shield and invisibility are a good way to deal with the lasers).

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