Frequent question: How many Lego trains are there?

# Set Number of pieces
60050 Train Station 423
60051 High Speed Passenger Train 610
60052 Cargo Train 887
60098 Heavy-Haul Train 934

What is the best LEGO train set?

9 Best Lego Train Track Toys

Lego City Cargo Train Set Check price at Amazon Walmart
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Toy Train Set Check price at Amazon Walmart
LEGO Crocodile Locomotive 10277 Building Kit Check price at Amazon Walmart
LEGO City Tracks 60205 Lowest Price Check price at Amazon Walmart

Are old LEGO train tracks compatible?

There’s some compatibility between all the LEGO® train tracks. Over the years, we’ve never changed the width of the train tracks. The train cars from all earlier models will run on the new track and connect to the new trains.

How does the LEGO train work?

It consists of a train motor, which receives power from a combination battery box and Bluetooth receiver, which receives its commands from either an included Bluetooth handheld remote, or from a control app on a Bluetooth enabled smart device. The new train motor, battery/receiver box, and handheld controller.

Can you Motorise the Lego Hogwarts Express?

If you want to motorise your Hogwarts Express, you can either source the parts needed directly from LEGO as spare parts, or – as I show in the following – buy a motorised LEGO City train set and use the parts from this instead.

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