Frequent question: How do you unlock bounty hunter missions in Lego Star Wars 3?

These missions may only be started after completing the Hostage Crisis story mission, and Bail Organa’s mission will not be possible until you purchase him. In these levels, you will control bounty hunters in a previous story mission and will have a limited amount of time to find your target.

How do you unlock bounty hunter missions?

The Bounty Hunter (BH) missions give you 20 total gold bricks for completing and will be available once you have purchased all Bounty Hunter characters from the cantina store.

How do you unlock bossk in Lego Star Wars 3?

He also appears as a playable character in the 2011 released LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars video game. The player can unlock him by opening the Extras menu and entering the cheat code 2KLW5R in the Enter Secret Code menu. In the game, Bossk is armed with a blaster.

Where do I find luminara unduli in bounty hunter missions?

Luminara Unduli

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As you reach the first rock blockade, destroy it [1]. A bit further there will be a wall with an orange grapple point [2]. Instead of pulling it, go left an go through the narrow passage by the panel [1]. You will find Luminara in the room on the other side [2].

How do you unlock Jabba missions?

In order to begin a mission, you have to first complete Castle of Doom and then talk with Jabba in his room on the Separatist ship [M2. 5]. At the beginning not all missions will be available. They will unlock as you progress in the story and unlock more characters.

How do you unlock the Jabba door in Lego Star Wars?

Go to the bar, select “Characters” and purchase IG-88. Walk up to the Jabba door, which is located inside the Cantina in the area between Episodes IV and V, and wait for it to open.

Where is Obi Wan in bounty hunter mission?

Bounty Hunter Missions | Misc LEGO Star Wars 2 Guide

R2D2 (Secret Plans) R2 is where you’ve found minikit #5.
Obi-Wan (Through the Jundland Wastes) In the last room of the Sandcrawler, just where you opened the exit as Obi-Wan in the Story Mode. Destroy the barrels to the right, Ben is right behind them.

How do I unlock Robinino?

Keep going and you should enter a room with a terminal that has an exclamation point. Go to it and it should tell you that you can do a mission called Hostage Crisis. Pick it and once you’ve finished it, you should recieve Robinino and other bounty hunters.

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What is super GONK?

Super Gonk is an extra in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. When turned on, it turns the slow, plodding Gonk Droid into a fast-walking speed demon. This code also gives Gonk one of the highest jumps in the game.

How do you unlock strangers in Lego Star Wars?

Start a new game using “Free Play” mode. Select your Stranger as your primary character. If you are playing with a friend, they can select the other Stranger or any other character you have unlocked. A team of other characters will automatically be assigned to ensure you have the broadest range of abilities.

Where is luminara unduli in Lego Star Wars 3?

Luminara is in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Where is the Castle of Doom in Lego Star Wars?

Once there grab an r2 droid and extend the bridge to the right. Take the elevator. Keep going until you see the panel with your time played and % etc. Access it and it should have Castle of Doom.

How do you unlock bounty hunter mission 11?


  1. Buy all bounty hunters. User Info: ACsternhead101. …
  2. You just need to get all of the bounty hunters. …
  3. Buy 4-Lom, Boba Fett, IG-88, Greedo, and Bossk to unlock Bounty Hunter Missions. …
  4. You have to get all of the minikits and all of the bounty hunters. …
  5. But how do you aquire 4-LOM, Bossk, and Dengar.
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