Frequent question: How do you get red bricks in Lego Harry Potter?

Take all three mandrakes up along the bridge to the higher level and plant them in their pots. When all of them have been planted, a Red Brick will appear that you can carry over to the owl on the lower left side of the lower level.

Where is the Red Brick detector in Lego Harry Potter?

In the back right corner, walk behind the large object for the Dean Thomas character token. In the front right corner, use Dark Magic on the chest and assemble the pieces for the Red Brick – Hogwarts Crest Detector.

How do you get the Red Brick in?

To get Red Bricks, you have to find The Collector in each Story Chapter. He will task you with finding an item. Bring it back to him and he’ll reward you with a Red Brick. Cheats can be purchased from The Collector’s room on the SHIELD Helicarrier.

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What is the code for Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7?

Lego Harry Potter Cheats – Years 5-7

Cheat Description Lego Harry Potter Cheat Code
Collect Ghost Studs Collect translucent waypoint Studs 2FLY6B
Extra Hearts Adds extra hearts J9U6Z9
Fall Rescue Rescues from fall damage ZEX7MV
Fast Dig Faster digging animation Z9BFAD

Where is the divination classroom Harry Potter 5 7?

It was located in the North Tower. It was accessible through a circular trapdoor and was described as looking like a cross between somebody’s attic and an old-fashioned teashop. The classroom was located at the top of the Divination Stairwell, connected to the rest of the castle by the long corridor.

What do all the red bricks do in Lego Harry Potter?

Red Bricks (I) These items allow you to affect how the game progresses by giving you handy benefits. For instance, it’s possible to find several multipliers so that you can more quickly build up a good supply of LEGO studs, the currency that in turn will allow you to quickly pay for spells and characters.

What is Red Brick 18 in Lego Harry Potter?

Red Brick 18 is the only one that can’t be unlocked through entering cheats. This 18th Red Brick first shows up on your way to Year 2 Level 2 as you are making your way through Hogwarts. There is a courtyard with a fountain surrounded by four statues. Destroy the statues, and with the remains form a knight.

How many red bricks do you need to unlock Deadpool?

You need all 11 Red Bricks — also known as Deadpool Bricks — to unlock him. One of the locations of a red brick requires 200 Gold Bricks to get into, so you’ll have to play a lot of the game.

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What does fall rescue do in Lego City?

Fall Rescue is a Red Brick in LEGO City Undercover which after a deadly fall, returns Chase McCain to his previous location with no loss of Studs.

What is studs x2 Lego Marvel?

Studs x2. Available: From start. Effect: Multiplies all studs gained by two.

Which characters can use dark magic in Lego Harry Potter 5-7?

Known Playable Characters

  • Aberforth Dumbledore.
  • Alastor Moody (Abilities: Use Magical Eye)
  • Albus Dumbledore (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antioch Peverell (Abilities: Use Elder Wand)
  • Antonin Dolohov (Abilities: Dark Magic)
  • Arabella Figg.
  • Argus Filch (Abilities: Mrs.

How do you get studs in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7?

You blast open a lock on a cabinet revealing the missing piece to an animal maze. use neville’s toad or rons owl to go through the maze and knock out a yellow ball. Use neville to put it in the machine. After the vision it will LITERALLY POUR BLUE STUDS!!!!

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