Does Emma like Ethan in Lego Friends?

Profile. Emma is developing a romantic relationship with Ethan. She’s quirky, but highly observant, not much escapes her eye for detail.

Do the Lego friends have boyfriends?

Martin is a character who appears in LEGO Friends of Heartlake City. He is Mia’s boyfriend.

Do the Lego Friends have last names?

since they don’t really have surnames or official ethnicities yet, I thought I’d share what I thought they were! Olivia Salgado-Guerrero (I thought she’d probably have a double-barrelled surname because her parents are divorced) – Salgado is the Spanish word for ‘salty.

What is Andrea’s last name in Lego Friends?


Theme: Friends Jungle Rescue Pop Star

Is Ava Mia’s sister Lego Friends?

Lego Friends MiniFigure, Micro-Doll AVA, Mia’s Little Sister, from set 41444 | eBay.

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