Do LEGO VIP accounts expire?

LEGO® VIP Points will only expire if you stop using your account for 18 months. Anytime you earn or redeem points, the timer resets and you’ll get another 18 months to use them.

Do LEGO VIP rewards expire?

All Points will expire after 18 months of no activity on the VIP Account. Activity is defined as earning or redeeming Points. The 18 months will be rolling and will be reset at the time of activity. LEGO Group will send you a reminder email to your VIP Account email 3 months before Points expiration.

How long do you have to use LEGO VIP points?

How long LEGO VIP points last? LEGO VIP points do expire. You have to buy something online or in store within 18 months of your previous purchase. If you don’t, your balance will be reset to 0.

Can you merge Lego VIP accounts?

Accounts that use the same email address will be merged together and accounts with more than one email address will be split into separate accounts. That’s all for now! … We can’t wait to share more with you, so keep an eye out for emails from the VIP team.

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How do you leave Lego VIP?

You may terminate or cancel your VIP membership at any time by either: Contact LEGO Group via Customer Service either via phone or email/Customer Service web page.

How many Lego VIP points do you get per dollar?

One U.S. Dollar is equivalent to 6.5 VIP Points so that means their latest set Harry Potter-themed set, the Polyjuice Potion Mistake, valued at US $19.99, is worth 129.93 VIP Points. It can quickly be worth your time.

Can you use Lego VIP card at Legoland?

The LEGO® VIP Program doesn’t apply to purchases made outside of our own LEGO® Shop and official LEGO® Stores. That means you won’t earn or spend points when you shop for LEGO® toys elsewhere. This includes LEGO® Certified stores and the shops at LEGOLAND® parks and LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers.

Can you use more than one LEGO VIP code?

Yes, you can use more than one discount voucher at a time. However, currently you cannot use more than one promotional code for physical rewards.

How do I get my LEGO VIP discount code?

If you’re a VIP member, you’ll receive your code as soon as you redeem your points for a reward or discount in the VIP Rewards Center. You’ll also get an email with the code that’ll be ready to use on your next order! Digital rewards will be ready right away and don’t need a code.

How do I delete my Lego kid account?

How To Delete An Account:

  1. Log into the account.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down and press “Delete”
  4. Enter your password and press “Yes”
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What can you use Lego points for?

You’ll earn at least 5% back in VIP points for discount on future LEGO purchases and your points go even further when using them on other rewards. Get access to the online Rewards Center, where you can use your points for discount and access exclusive rewards only available to VIPs.

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