Do LEGO DOTS bracelets fit adults?

The bracelet measures 20cm in length and was evidently designed for children but it does fit around adult wrists. Furthermore, the size is adjustable. These five holes are the correct size to accommodate studs but there is very little clutch power and they are not positioned in accordance with the LEGO system.

What is the best Lego dots set?

Best rated Dots sets of all time

  • Rainbow Bracelet. 41900-1 Dots Bracelets 2020.
  • Indifference. Funky Animals Bracelet. 41901-1 Dots Bracelets 2020.
  • Bracelet Mega Pack. 41913-1 Dots Bracelets 2020.
  • Indifference. Creative Picture Frames. 41914-1 Dots Accessories 2020.

What is Dot Lego?

LEGO DOTS is a new 2D tile concept from the king of tiny bricks. … Head to our guide to the best Lego sets for adults). The range extends to include bracelets, picture frames, pencil holders and more, all with integrated surfaces that their owners can customise with DOTS tiles.

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