Can you wear Crocs to Legoland?

All guests must wear closed toe and secure shoes to ride – sandals/flip flops will result in refusal to ride.

What should I wear to Legoland?

For the safety and comfort of our guests, shoes and proper clothing; excluding bathing suits, bikini tops or clothing with obscene graphics or verbiage is required to participate in all rides within LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park.

Can you wear Crocs to Legoland Florida?

Prepare to get wet.

The Quest for Chi ride in The World of Chima is still our family’s favorite, but you will get WET, and maybe even SOAKED. I don’t mind getting my clothes wet, but I hate squishy sneakers, so consider wearing crocs or flip-flops or throwing a pair in your bag. See our video of this fun ride here.

Can you swim at Legoland?

Yes, proper swim wear is required on all attractions. You must be fully clothed while entering and leaving the Water Park and may not wear just your bathing suit inside of the LEGOLAND Park. …

Are water shoes allowed at Legoland Water Park?

Yes, but you may not wear water shoes on the slides. You may wear wetsuits in the pool, but not on slides. You can wear rash guards anywhere.

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How much money do you need for Legoland?

Typical costs: A one-day pass to Legoland costs $80 for an adult or $70 for a child 2-12 years old or seniors older than 60. A family of four can expect to pay about $300 for tickets purchased online; walk-up pricing is slightly higher.

Should you wear water shoes at a Water Park?

You can wear water shoes or sandals to walk around the park, but for your safety you will be asked to hold them when you go on the attractions. Water shoes or sandals can catch on the slide on your way down, causing possible injury.

Can I wear a dress to Legoland?

Guests must wear appropriate clothing (including a top and shoes) at all times whilst at the Attraction. If guests are wearing clothing that is indecent or likely to cause offence in any way, they will be refused entry or removed from the Attraction without issuing a refund.

Does Legoland hotel have free breakfast?

Every stay at the LEGOLAND® Hotel includes a free buffet-style hot breakfast.

Does Legoland have heated pools?

Yes the hotel pool is heated to 80 degrees.

Is Legoland and Legoland Water Park the same?

The Water Park is only accessible through LEGOLAND. Therefore, you must also purchase admission to LEGOLAND in order to access the Water Park. Any LEGOLAND ticket can be upgraded to include same-day Water Park admission for $30.

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