Can Lego trains run on Duplo track?

All our motorized DUPLO® trains will work perfectly on these tracks. A couple good examples would be 10874 Steam Train and 10875 Cargo Train. For more info, or to check on a particular train, you can get in touch at LEGO.

Are DUPLO and Lego train tracks compatible?

DUPLO® train tracks haven’t changed much over the years, so older tracks are fully compatible with the current ones. You can tell old and new tracks apart by the colour: the older ones are black, while the tracks we currently make are grey.

Can you Motorise the LEGO Hogwarts Express?

If you want to motorise your Hogwarts Express, you can either source the parts needed directly from LEGO as spare parts, or – as I show in the following – buy a motorised LEGO City train set and use the parts from this instead.

What is the function of Duplo?

Designed specifically for the skills your child is developing at this age, LEGO DUPLO Town can help your toddler or preschooler develop fine motor skills, understand the world around them, increase vocabulary, and express their views and ideas. building and stacking. bricks designed for small hands.

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