Best answer: Where are the drones in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

Where are the drones in Lego Marvel 2?

Moderately low above the river bridge in Medieval England. Very high above central Hala, near the height of their tallest tower. Moderately high above Attilan, near the central spire. Downing all drones unlocks Lola.

Who is the boss in Lego Marvel 2?


Who’s the Boss Complete each race, side mission, and puzzle in every area to unlock the corresponding boss. Defeat the boss to acquire that character.
Vibranium Vanquisher Egypt: 1 Hala: 1 Hydra Empire: 1 Manhattan: 1 Nueva York: 2 Sakaar: 1 The Old West: 1 Wakanda: 1 Xandar: 1

Is Red Skull in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

CCC: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Boss Fight- Red Skull. Complete the missions of the Evil Empire (excluding races and monument building) to get a shot at the Skull himself. This fight goes in cycles- first you fight a bunch of Hydra goons.

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