Best answer: How do you unlock the last two characters in LEGO Batman?

How do you unlock all the characters in LEGO Batman?

Character Codes

  1. ZAQ637 – Unlock Alfred Pennyworth.
  2. JKR331 – Unlock Batgirl.
  3. BDJ327 – Unlock Bruce Wayne.
  4. M1AAWW – Unlock Classic Catwoman.
  5. HJK327 – Unlock Clown Goon.
  6. DDP967 – Unlock Commissioner Gordon.
  7. HGY748 – Unlock Fishmonger.
  8. XVK541 – Unlock Freeze Girl.

Where are all the characters in LEGO Batman 2?


Character Cost Where to Find
Bruce Wayne 125,000 Build the Gold Brick Door on the roof of Wayne Tower.
Captain Boomerang 100,000 Activate the Batcomputer Remote Terminal by Arkham Asylum.
Captain Cold Preorder DLC
Catwoman 125,000 Activate the Batcomputer Remote Terminal at the Police Station. She’s on the roof.

What are the cheat codes for Lego Batman 2?

Xbox 360 Cheats

  • MNZER6 – Attract Studs.
  • ZHAXFH – Beep Beep.
  • TPJ37T – Character Studs.
  • BWQ2MS – Disguises.
  • 4LGJ7T – Extra Hearts.
  • 7TXH5K – Extra Toggle.
  • TPGPG2 – Fall Rescue.
  • MBXW7V – Gold Brick Finder.

How do you get 100 on LEGO Batman?

Collect 10 “Mini-Kits” from each of the 30 levels. Purchase everything available from the computer in the Batcave. This includes secret characters and vehicles, extras, suit upgrades and data. Complete the bonus levels of “Arkham Asylum” for the villains and “Wayne Manor” for Batman to get 100 percent completion.

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Where are the bonus levels in LEGO Batman?

After this a garage will open. Mow all the flowers and then head back inside the shed you got the mower from to grab another stud. 1007 Mountain Drive. Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.

6. LEGO Batman Bonus Levels.

Walkthrough Summary
4 Free Play Walkthrough – Heroes
5 Free Play Walkthrough – Villains
6 Bonus Levels

How do you unlock villains in Lego Batman?

You have to win a level in Story mode AS the villain. You can’t play the villain levels in a chapter until you win all 5 hero levels in Story mode. For example, in level 1 of villain chapter 1, you play as Clayface and the Riddler. Once you successfully complete the level, you unlock Clayface and the Riddler.

Who voices Joker Lego Batman 3?

Christopher Corey Smith is the voice of Joker in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

How do you unlock Mr Freeze in LEGO Batman 1?

Freeze) – Complete the Villain Level “On the Rocks” Harley Quinn / The Joker – Complete the Villain Level “A Surprise for the Commissioner” Man-Bat – Buyable After Completeing the Hero Level “Zoo’s Company” Penguin / Bane – Complete the Villain Level “Rockin’ the Docks”

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