Best answer: How do you get the van in Lego Marvel 2?

How do you unlock Captain America 4×4?

To complete this challenge, follow the glowing lines with the train cars flying through the open world. Go to Kang’s Citadel to hop onto one of these cars. Then, simply ride the rails all the way through the world to reach Kang’s citadel again. Complete this challenge to unlock Captain America’s 4×4.

Who is the boss challenge?


Who’s the Boss Complete each race, side mission, and puzzle in every area to unlock the corresponding boss. Defeat the boss to acquire that character.
Trivia Time Avenger’s Mansion: 1 Egypt: 1 Hala: 1 Hydra Empire: 2 Kang’s Citadel: 1 Manhattan Noir: 1 Medieval England: 1 Nueva York: 1 Xandar: 1

How do you unlock Captain America?

Captain America is the final character you’ll unlock in Marvel’s Avengers. He technically shares that spot with Thor because they’re unlocked after the same mission. To get Captain America, you must complete the campaign mission called “Testing 1… 2…

How do you throw Captain America’s shield in Lego Marvel 2?

Some characters have weapons that you need to aim before firing or throwing, such as Captain America’s shield. To aim and fire, hold down the H key to bring up the target reticle. When the reticle appears, use the WASD keys to position it over your target, then release the H key to throw or fire your weapon.

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How do you unlock Lola in Lego Marvel Avengers?

Lola is Agent Coulson’s red convertible. To unlock Lola, you must complete a race in Manhattan that starts near West Harlem and finishes near Washington Heights (refer to the video below). Once it’s unlocked, it can be purchased for 75,000 studs at any blue or red platform.

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