Are LEGO tables useful?

A LEGO table gives you exactly that and more. The best LEGO tables are adaptable for a number of activities and can also provide some much-needed storage space for your ever-growing collection of bricks.

Are LEGO tables compatible with Duplo?


While most building block tables are compatible with the classic LEGO bricks we all know and love, some only support the larger DUPLO building blocks. As such, it’s important to check that the table you’re thinking of buying is compatible with the kind of building bricks your kids love playing with.

What is the difference between Lego and Duplo?

While the two function the same as how the pieces snap together, DUPLO are designed for younger children who may not yet be nimble enough to play with LEGO. … The DUPLO blocks also help to eliminate the choking hazards inherent with the tiny size of some LEGO pieces.

Are mega blocks compatible with Lego table?

We have different sizes of mega bloks some are smaller, similar to Lego’s. … The smaller blocks (lego size) will not work on this table.

Can you glue LEGO?

However, as the opaque LEGO bricks are made from a styrene based plastic (ABS), most “Plastic Cement” or “Polystyrene Cement” glues should work to fix your parts together permanently (as these typically contain the same solvents as TLG use, i.e. MEK/Butanone).

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