Your question: How do you unlock bastion in Lego City Undercover?

Once there, break open the door with your Robber disguise and switch the color in your gun. Down below, shoot the color switch to open the rooms on either side of you. In the right-hand room, use your Construction Worker to open the door in the back where you’ll find the Bastion token.

How do you unlock the chaser in Lego City Undercover?

Chaser is an emergency vehicle which is used by the LEGO City Police Department. It can be unlocked by building the Call-In Point in Bright Lights Plaza.

What is the cheat code for Lego City Undercover?

Remastered Version Cheat Codes

High Speed Chase Bonus Missions Go to the terminal outside of the Police Station and input one of seven codes: 3D74QF9, 3D9KQC7, 3DC76H4, 3DQK9XH, 3GCC7XR, 3GF9GVL, or N7NN4F9.
Vehicle: Relocator Go to the Extras menu and input NKHRL4C.
Werewolf Go to the Extras menu and input WK7RBFT.

What do you do after you finish Lego City Undercover?

Once your done with the missions, you basiclly go collect all the Vehicle Tokens, Items That Need Painted, Fires Put Out, Character Tokens, Car Sealing Missions, Superbuilds, Districts Conquired, Time Trials, Drill Thrills, ATM Destroying, Alien Catching, Boulders Destroyed, Cats Rescued, Coffee Breaks Completed, …

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What are all the emergency vehicles in Lego City Undercover?

List of vehicles | Tips LEGO City: Undercover Guide

  • Camel.
  • Jupiter.
  • Swooper.
  • Chopper.
  • Guardian.
  • Rex’s Tempest.
  • Cloud.
  • Responder.

Is there a Lego City Undercover 2?

LEGO City Undercover 2 is a game developed by TT Games and Super Leaf Studios and Published by Nintendo. It is the sequel to the 2013 Wii U Game LEGO City Undercover, and is set one year after the events of the first game.

Is Lego City Undercover like GTA?

Lego City Undercover is the Lego version of GTA, but with a cleaner storyline and gameplay that doesn’t always come back to crass dialogues or unnecessary violence. Instead of playing like a criminal, the player must don the role of an undercover cop.

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