Your question: How do you jump on fire in LEGO Harry Potter?

Destroy the white banner and construct (WL) a trampoline from the bricks, thanks to which you will be able to jump over the flames #1. Destroy the chest blocking the water barrel #2 so that it can put out the fire.

How do you get past the fire in Quidditch World Cup?

Hit it with magic to knock it out of the sky. Grab the item that it drops and take it to the crank to the lower right, which you can use to fill a barrel with water. Then use that water to douse some flames that block one of the ingredients.

How do you beat the Death Eater in Lego Harry Potter?

A Death Eater is pelting him with magic and your buddy is standing around in a daze. You can hit the Death Eater with magic, but it will just reappear and continue tormenting your chum. You can save your pal by finding a nearby frying pan, tan in color. Lift it up with magic and you’ll whack the Death Eater.

How do you get the Hufflepuff crest in the Quidditch World Cup?

Flip over the cauldron, kill the Cornish Pixie below for a knob, and add it to the tank to fill the barrel. Put out the fire and climb across to the final wizard, and put out the fire here for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Destroy the wood to the left for the first potion ingredient.

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How do you beat the book in Lego Harry Potter?

When invisible, you can get near the bouncing red books along the floor, then press the button that is indicated on-screen to pounce on them and eliminate them. Do that to each of the books so that you don’t have to worry about them damaging you while you’re exploring.

How do you beat Voldemort in Lego Harry Potter Year 7?

To beat Voldemort outside of the duels, simply shoot him repeatedly with Reducto (at least on the DS/PSP version). “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

How do you get Ravenclaw Crest dragon?

Have a Dark Wizard use Crucio on the skeleton near the blue dragon, and it will fish the Ravenclaw Crest piece out of the water.

How do you save Fred in Lego Harry Potter?

To save Ron, attack the Death Eater twice then lift up the table with Wingardium Leviosa. Hit the Death Eater with the large frying pan to save Mr Weasley. Shoot the spiderweb then take the red spider needed for your Invisibility Potion.

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