What type of batteries does Lego Mario need?

Here’s what you need to awaken LEGO Super Mario: Two AAA batteries.

Does Lego Mario need batteries?

LEGO Mario is alive!

(Batteries not included.)

Why is my Lego Mario not turning on?

Problems connecting after performing the firmware upgrade

If you’re experiencing problems connecting LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ with the application, please try to reset your Bluetooth on the device. This can be done by going to Settings/Bluetooth and then disabling Bluetooth and enabling it again after five seconds.

What colors does Lego Mario recognize?

You can use any LEGO bricks, but try using red, green, yellow, blue and purple especially. That’s because the color sensor in LEGO Mario’s feet will recognize the color, making the screens on his belly and face react in different, fun ways!

How do I update firmware on Lego Mario?

Never miss a Moment

Sounds like your LEGO Mario figure needs a firmware update! Open the app, tap the “Connect to LEGO Mario” button, then press the Bluetooth button on Mario’s back. The app will automatically upgrade his firmware.

Is Lego Mario worth the money?

This kit is overflowing with Nintendo influence and it really shows. Even though I can easily see people buying this kit just for the characters, the full value comes from the full experience, one that I’d definitely recommend.

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Do you need the starter set for Lego Mario?

There’s a lot of items in the Mario LEGO line. You can also check out the LEGO Super Mario app that accompanies these sets. The Starter Set is required for the expansion sets to work.

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