What is LEGO packaging?

LEGO® bricks are designed to be reused and handed down through generations, but LEGO boxes and other packaging are often disposed of quickly. Some of our packaging contains single-use disposable plastic, which today, isn’t sustainable or in some cases able to be recycled.

What is LEGO packaging made of?

This recycled prototype brick is the latest development in LEGO’s sustainability journey. In 2020, the company announced its intention to start removing single-use plastic from its boxes. In 2018, it began producing elements from bio-polyethylene, made from sustainably sourced sugarcane.

Is LEGO using paper bags?

Lego will start replacing plastic packaging with paper bags from 2021 as the toy brick maker aims to become more sustainable. … From next year the toy company will start introducing recyclable paper bags, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, to package its loose bricks.

Is LEGO still using plastic?

Lego has slowly been working its way towards sustainability for years. Last November, the company announced that it would stop using plastic bags inside its boxed sets and replace them with paper ones, after it received letters from kids asking it to decrease its plastic use.

Is Lego high quality?

Since 1963, most LEGO pieces have been made of a highquality plastic called ABS. It provides the unique connective grip (clutch power), high gloss and colors LEGO bricks are known for. It also meets a long list of safety, durability and quality rules.

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How do they package Legos?

In the packaging lines the pieces are distributed by dumping them into the machine, which separates them one by one and counts them using optical sensors before placing them in a generic small box. Along the way, high-precision scales measure the weight of the box.

Are Legos bad for the environment?

In 2018, the Lego Group’s greenhouse gas emissions — encompassing its own operations and supply chain — came to 1.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. Breaking that figure down, the firm says that its own operations accounted for 12% of total emissions.

Is LEGO made of ABS plastic?

Since 1963, the majority of the billions of Lego bricks produced each year have been made from a plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Finding a material as durable as the traditional ABS bricks has proved to be difficult for the toymaker.

What is Duplo made of?

In the video above, Maddie Moate shows and tells how LEGO Duplo bricks and characters are made—almost five million bricks a day. She’s filmed how tiny granules of plastic travel through tubes to be mixed with color pellets.

Is Lego going green?

Lego has set aside $400 million to go green, though money isn’t really a concern. “We are family owned and have a long-term view,” Christiansen said. The Kirk Kristiansen family that owns Lego has made a point of singling out green investments.

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