What does it mean when LEGO is out of stock?

What does out of stock LEGO mean?

There is currently no stock available in the distribution warehouse. They might have incoming stock due but until rhat stock has been received by goods in and put to shelf, the website will not allow you to place an order.

Why are all Legos out of stock?

Due to the pandemic, Lego’s supply chain is disrupted. One of the factories in Mexico is currently closed, so they are having to share the sets made in other factories with the markets normally served by the closed factory. Also, yeah, demand is likely higher due to everyone being home.

Do out of stock Legos come back?

If you need to buy a gift for the kids in your family (or you want to splurge on yourself), it’s hard to go wrong with LEGO. … As Brick Fanatics reports, LEGO.com will notify you when a sold-out kit you like is back in stock.

Does out of stock mean discontinued?

Unfortunately, when an item is discontinued it means we no longer have this item in stock and will not be bringing more in. … If you click on a product to go to the product page you should see a Out of Stock- Expected Arrival Date, click on this to see when approximately it will be back in stock.

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Does sold out mean gone forever LEGO?

While sold out does not mean gone forever, I do not think those star wars sets are coming back. I would try to snag one on EBAY. Ive seen them there for at least 10-20% retail if not more. You just have to search and be patient.

What does in warehouse mean LEGO?

Like other’s have said, “in warehouse” should mean that it will be shipped soon. You can also confirm with customer service that you ordered before the item went on backorder.

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