What do yellow arrows mean in Lego Harry Potter?

They will often find a yellow arrow, from one of the detectors, which leads them to believe there is a gold brick somewhere in the library. … This is a small bug which means the arrow is coming from the Crest Detector, not the Gold Brick detector as you would naturally assume.

What do yellow bricks do in LEGO Harry Potter?

Scattered throughout Lego Harry Potter – Years 1-4 are 200 gold Bricks which you can collect in order to gain access to a bonus level in Borgin & Burkes, the antiques shop that can be found in Diagon Alley.

How do you get the gold brick in the library?

They are mostly scattered along the floor, so hit them with magic to send them to shelves, then hit them again to receive credit for finding them. There should be three in the common room itself and another two in the adjoining dorm room. When you find and tag all five of them, a Gold Brick will appear as a reward.

Are there bonus levels in Harry Potter 5 7?

To access the Bonus Level, you need to get True Wizard in every main level. Once it’s done, go to Knockturn Alley and at the end of it, enter the Borgin and Burkes shop. Inside you will be able to build a secret door; this is where you will access the bonus level.

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Is there a gold brick in the Leaky Cauldron?

Four Gold Bricks can be found in the Leaky Cauldron basement. To get there, destroy the padlock with (RD). NOTICE: You have to complete all 24 Hogwarts Crests before being able to begin this task. Once you’re inside, just build four statues (WL) for each completed game year.

How do you get a gold brick out of a greenhouse?

Gold Brick #1: Look for the bushes on the beach to the east of the greenhouse where the gold brick is hidden and smash the one in the middle, then use Sandman to teleport through the sand and grab the brick.

What do the pink and blue sparkles mean in Lego Harry Potter?

They will allow you to see your Lego blocks that are hiding in the blue and pink glitter sparkles. Once you have acquired your Spectrespecs, you will need to head through the door and follow on with Nick!

What is the code for Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7?

Lego Harry Potter Cheats – Years 5-7

Cheat Description Lego Harry Potter Cheat Code
Collect Ghost Studs Collect translucent waypoint Studs 2FLY6B
Extra Hearts Adds extra hearts J9U6Z9
Fall Rescue Rescues from fall damage ZEX7MV
Fast Dig Faster digging animation Z9BFAD

How many studs do you need for true wizard?

Wizards should have at least 2 steps.

What are character Studs Lego Harry Potter?

You need only the spell, Wingardium Leviosa, and access to the dining hall in Hogwarts. It appears there are two red bricks involving characters called character studs and character token detector. This one is called character studs and is not the detector.

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