What do the extras do in LEGO Batman?

How do you activate suit upgrades in LEGO Batman?

Load a game that has suit upgrades (e.g. More Batarang Targets) bought from the Batcomputer. You will start in the Hero Mission Room. Return to the Batcave using the Elevator in the Hero Mission Room. As soon as you enter the Batcave your suit upgrades will be activated.

What does character Studs do in LEGO Batman?

Character Studs is an extra that can be bought for 200,000 studs. It causes enemies to drop studs when they are defeated. The Red Brick to unlock this is on the seventh villain level, Stealing the Show.

What does the extra toggle red brick do in LEGO Batman 2?

Extra Toggle gives you access to some bonus characters on certain levels that you can’t play as otherwise. The characters usually don’t have any real advantages; they’re just there for fun.

How do you get unlimited fuel in Lego Batman 3?

Location: The Unlimited Fuel Red Brick is already unlocked when you start the LEGO Batman 3. You just need enough studs to purchase it.

What does beep beep do in LEGO games?

Beep Beep is an extra that allows your vehicle to honk.

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What does character Studs do Lego Harry Potter?

Character Studs**: After killing an enemy (not a boss) such as a Death Eater or Red Cap, you will be awarded with studs. Character Token Detector***: Detects character tokens during levels or while freely roaming the map.

What are the codes for Lego Batman?

Enter the codes on the computer screen in the Batcave.

  • ZAQ637 – Alfred.
  • KNTT4B – Bat-Tank.
  • JKR331 – Batgirl.
  • LEA664 – Bruce Wayne’s Private Jet.
  • M1AAWW – Catwoman (Classic)
  • HPL826 – Catwoman’s Motorcycle.
  • HJK327 – Clown Goon.
  • HGY748 – Fishmonger.
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