Is there Miles Morales in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2?

How do you get Miles Morales in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2?

Build the first part of a slingshot and then the second part from the bricks nearby. Switch to Spider-Man and activate the slingshot. Attach your webs to the red hooks and shoot at the enemy. The mission is now over and you get two new character tokens – Gwenpool and Spider-Man (Miles Morales).

Where is the pink brick in Poole party?

Break this to reveal a grate. Pass through here to reach the inside of the aquarium. Switch to Doctor Strange and mind control the man in here. Head toward the glass and push the switch here to unlock the pink brick for party mode inside.

Is Red Skull in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

CCC: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Boss Fight- Red Skull. Complete the missions of the Evil Empire (excluding races and monument building) to get a shot at the Skull himself. This fight goes in cycles- first you fight a bunch of Hydra goons.

How do you unlock Odin in Lego Marvel 2?

Toss a gravity mine into the booster in the middle of the room to access a minikit. Solve the shrink puzzle to the left to unearth the minikit to the right. Shoot the ball in the enclosure toward the bottom of the screen to access the character token for Odin.

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