How much does it cost to get your head 3D printed on a LEGO?

Keep in mind, the specific guidelines for the photographs and that it can take around two weeks for production. For a price of $30, the Etsy shop will make you your very own lookalike.

How much does it cost to 3D print a Lego brick?

Cost – Although the initial cost of a 3D printer may be anything from $200 to $2000, the running costs and material costs after the initial outlay are minimal. Each 3D printed Lego brick will cost little more than a couple of cents.

Can I make myself into a Lego?

Lego is the one toy adults pretend to outgrow, but never truly do. … Yes, this is a real thing: Firebox, a London-based online retailer known for their wacky yet hilarious items, is making it possible for you to have a real, tangible, toy version of yourself.

Is it cheaper to buy or 3D print Legos?

Joshua Pearce, an associate professor of materials science and engineering at Michigan Tech, says that making toys at home with a 3-D printer can be up to 90 percent cheaper than buying them at the store. … The team also looked at the cost of Legos and other toy building blocks.

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