How long does LEGO VIP points take?

When Are VIP Points Added To Your Account? Points should be added as soon as payment is complete but bear in mind that for online orders, payment isn’t taken until the product is shipped so your points won’t be added until then. It’s best to wait 24 hours until you go to check for the added points.

How long does it take for LEGO VIP points to arrive?

Points earned from a purchase in a LEGO® Store will be added to your account immediately. For orders placed online or over the phone, your points will only be added once your order has shipped and we’ve taken payment from you.

How are LEGO VIP Points calculated?

Buying a set at the LEGO® Store in Canada used to earn you one VIP point for every dollar you spent. After earning 100 points, you got $5 off of a purchase. This essentially amounted to 5% cashback. Under the new system, spending $1 CAD gets you five VIP points.

How many points do you get per dollar LEGO VIP?

One U.S. Dollar is equivalent to 6.5 VIP Points so that means their latest set Harry Potter-themed set, the Polyjuice Potion Mistake, valued at US $19.99, is worth 129.93 VIP Points. It can quickly be worth your time.

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How much money are LEGO VIP points worth?

How Much Are LEGO VIP Points Worth? One LEGO VIP point is worth between 0.625 pence and 1.2 pence per point.

Do Lego points expire?

All Points will expire after 18 months of no activity on the VIP Account. Activity is defined as earning or redeeming Points. The 18 months will be rolling and will be reset at the time of activity. LEGO Group will send you a reminder email to your VIP Account email 3 months before Points expiration.

Can you get LEGO VIP points from Amazon?

No. Award points are only awarded when purchased through the lego online or retail stores.

Can you use more than one LEGO VIP code?

Yes, you can use more than one discount voucher at a time. However, currently you cannot use more than one promotional code for physical rewards.

How do I get my Lego VIP discount code?

If you’re a VIP member, you’ll receive your code as soon as you redeem your points for a reward or discount in the VIP Rewards Center. You’ll also get an email with the code that’ll be ready to use on your next order! Digital rewards will be ready right away and don’t need a code.

How much are Lego VIP points worth Australia?

What are LEGO VIP points worth?

Currency Points
1 Australian Dollar 4.5 points
1 British Pound Sterling 8 points
1 Canadian Dollar 5 points
1 Czech Koruna 0.30 points
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