How do you use Wingardium Leviosa in Lego Harry Potter?

How do you do the Wingardium Leviosa in Lego Harry Potter?

You will learn the Wingardium Leviosa spell. You task is to save three students hanging from chandeliers. Use the spell on the weight by the right wall #1 – first one saved. Go to the left side – you have to set the bricks so that you can get upstairs.

How do you interact with paintings in Lego Harry Potter?

A monster appears, startling the character in the nearby painting. He’ll run down toward the left, to another painting. Follow, then stand on the patch of light in front of the painting. Interact with the painting to cause the staircase to come back down so that you can proceed toward the lower left.

Can you lift a person with Wingardium Leviosa?

A feather enchanted with this charm Despite its strengths, however, the Levitation Charm has one fatal flaw: it does not work on human beings. … Almost anything can be lifted with this spell, although the object levitated depends on the skill of the caster and the weight of the object.

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Who can dig in Lego Harry Potter?

Guest answered: You can dig as Fang, Hagrid’s dog; Hermione, by selecting her cat with the B button; Sirius Black when transformed into a dog; or Neville, who always carries a shovel. Dig by standing directly over the floating paw prints and press X.

What do you do with the red boxes in Lego Harry Potter?

When you find a Red Brick, you’ll be somewhere in Hogwarts Castle itself. There should be an owl perch nearby. Take the brick to the perch and it will be sent out to the Emporium. Then you can head to the Emporium (in Diagon Alley) and purchase whatever ‘Extra’ the brick made available.

How do you get past the prefect in Lego Harry Potter Year 1?

Use Wingardium Leviosa on one wardrobe, Transfigure the other one, and destroy the bookcase. Destroying each of these obstacles will reveal a painting; the three paintings combined will give you the password. Head over to the door on the left, which you can now open. Watch out for the Prefect in this area.

How do you unlock Ravenclaw characters?

Ravenclaw Girl – Go from the moving stairs into the lobby area and unlock the door in the upper left corner with the green key. This leads to the library where four characters are found. Use Reducto on the right door and then put together the radio that comes out.

What is Hermione’s favorite spell?

And the third favorite Wingardium Leviosa, used for levitation, and known, perhaps most memorably, for Hermione Granger’s pronunciation of it in Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone.

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What is the most powerful spell in Harry Potter?

Here are the 15 Most Powerful Spells from Harry Potter.

  • 8 Sectumsempra.
  • 7 Apparition.
  • 6 Expelliarmus.
  • 5 Obliviate.
  • 4 Cruciatus Curse.
  • 3 Imperius Curse.
  • 2 Avada Kedavra.
  • 1 Expecto Patronum.

What spell does Hermione use to stop them from falling?

In the film for Deathly Hallows Part 2: Hermione uses the incantation “Arresto Momentum” to save them when they fell from the Gringotts cart. However, the book does not use this incantation, instead it only mentions that the spell was the Cushioning Charm.

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