How do you use frozone in Lego Incredibles?

How do you throw a frozone?

Ride the air current up to the right balcony, and turn the crank to lower the chandelier. Smash it to find the third Power Brick. You’ll also find an Incredible Throw Spot – throw Frozone to the last Power Brick on the balcony, in the center of the room.

How do you throw elastigirl in Lego Incredibles?

Stand on it with Elastigirl and press [Circle / B] then interact with Mr. Incredible to throw!

How does Lego Incredibles start?

The game begins with the events of the second film, which the player must complete before gaining access to that of the first film.

How do you make the dash run on water in Lego Incredibles?

Docks – In the water. You have options for this one. I used Dash. Simply jump out of the water and you’ll start running on it.

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