How do you unlock Blackbeard in Lego Pirates?

After you complete the Fountain of Youth, you can find Blackbeard over by Tia Dalma’s Hut on the left side of the Hub area. It also costs 500,000 studs to unlock him. It takes 24 gold bricks to get to Tia Dalma’s hut.

Where do you get Blackbeard in Lego Pirates?

User Info: smeep2k4. You’ll find him by Tia’s hut in the Port. He’s 500,000 studs. Tia’s hut is to the left side of the left hand portion of the port (you’ll need a certain number of gold blocks to unlock the barrel roller to lift up the bridge to get to Tia’s hut).

What characters can break glass in Lego Pirates?

Voice (Syrena, Phillip Swift) Shatter glass and ice and stun enemies with your voice.

What is character treasure in Lego Pirates?

Character Treasure: Releases studs upon defeating minifigs. Disguises: Makes all minifigs in entire game wear glasses with attached large nose and handlebar mustache. Extra hearts: Adds two hearts to your health bar. Extra Toggle: Extra characters to play as.

How do you dig underwater in Lego Pirates?

It’s not appearing as an option. Go underwater by the statue without a head and use Jack’s compass. It will take you in front of the statue where you have to dig.

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