How do you save in Lego Harry Potter Year 4?

Drink the Invisibility Potion, approach the red book #1 and jump onto it. Push (WL) the car to unlock the passage. Use (WL) again on the tent to save Fred #2.

How do you save your progress in Lego Harry Potter?

There’s no “save and exit” option. Answer: There is no save-and-exit when you play the game in story mode, you have to complete the level in order to save your progress. Only in free play you can save and exit, but you must complete the story mode level in order to unlock its free play.

How do you save Fred in Lego Harry Potter?

To save Ron, attack the Death Eater twice then lift up the table with Wingardium Leviosa. Hit the Death Eater with the large frying pan to save Mr Weasley. Shoot the spiderweb then take the red spider needed for your Invisibility Potion.

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How do you save Ron in Lego Harry Potter ps4?

User Info: WattsM989. Select the green spell (forgot its name), and press b on all the smaller green plant things that are on the walls. Then there is something to build which rushes towards the big plant infront of Ron, all you have to do then is use the green spell to free Ron.

Does Lego Harry Potter autosave switch?

No, the game only autosaves at the completion of a level. Any save+quit that you do before the level is finished only saves the stud-count and any items found.

Is Switch Lite compatible with Lego Harry Potter?

Answer: yes – works on switch lite.

How do you beat the Death Eaters in Lego Harry Potter?

A Death Eater is pelting him with magic and your buddy is standing around in a daze. You can hit the Death Eater with magic, but it will just reappear and continue tormenting your chum. You can save your pal by finding a nearby frying pan, tan in color. Lift it up with magic and you’ll whack the Death Eater.

How do you jump over fire in LEGO Harry Potter?

You need to get to Harry. Destroy the white banner and construct (WL) a trampoline from the bricks, thanks to which you will be able to jump over the flames #1. Destroy the chest blocking the water barrel #2 so that it can put out the fire.

How do you beat Voldemort in Lego Harry Potter Year 4 ps4?

You will have to fight Lord Voldemort. Keep eliminating the Death Eaters as they appear #1. Once you face Voldemort himself #2 keep on pressing [H] to cast a stronger spell. Repeat it three times.

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How do I get my students back to school in peril?

Start on the left side, and use Diffindo on the wall to make an alarm clock. Turn the handle to wake up Dean, then head forward and use Aguamenti to get the Student In Peril that is hanging from the ceiling. Then, move to the right and hang up the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff banners on the floor.

Where is the student in peril in Hogwarts Castle?

Info: Descend the Grand Staircase from the Gryffindor Common room and you’ll arrive at the entrance hall. Here, head toward the left side of the room and you’ll find a Student in Peril hanging from the bookcase. You can use magic to move some books up and form a series of ledges that he can safely descend.

Where is charms class in Harry Potter Lego?

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class (76385) is a Hogwarts classroom inside the covers of a brick-built book playset. When kids lift the cover, they are transported to Professor Flitwick’s spell-casting Charms lesson.

What do you do with the red boxes in Lego Harry Potter?

When you find a Red Brick, you’ll be somewhere in Hogwarts Castle itself. There should be an owl perch nearby. Take the brick to the perch and it will be sent out to the Emporium. Then you can head to the Emporium (in Diagon Alley) and purchase whatever ‘Extra’ the brick made available.

How do you unlock the green locks in Lego Harry Potter?


  1. Keys can be found in places such as orange paintings or boggarts. User Info: superjerome3. …
  2. If you are referring to the green lock located outside Hogwarts but in the area to the right of Madam Hooch’s flying lessons (near the water fountain), there is a boggart-chest south of the lock.
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