How do you get VIP points on Lego Reddit?

Buy new sets from Lego to get vip points, but buy them elsewhere if there’s a 5% or more discount.

How do you get free VIP points on Lego?

1. Get free VIP points from the internet. You can earn VIP Points just by visiting the LEGO official page, watching videos, answering surveys, and referring a friend to the VIP Program. Just visit your account homepage and scroll down to see the available social media activities as of the moment.

How do LEGO VIP Points work Reddit?

First off, every dollar that you spend earns you one VIP point (it even counts the cents). When you reach 100 points you get a $5 reward on your account which you may use in store or online. It doesn’t expire at all, if you don’t spend them then they will add up forever (Well maybe like 3 years).

How do you claim LEGO VIP points?

Points earned from a purchase in a LEGO® Store will be added to your account immediately. For orders placed online or over the phone, your points will only be added once your order has shipped and we’ve taken payment from you.

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Can you get LEGO VIP points at Target?

Could we get Lego to get a similar system running inside their already established VIP program. That way, even if you buy a set of Meijer’s, Target, Toys’r’Us, Wally-World. You can still get the points for it in their VIP system.

What do LEGO VIP points get you?

Once you’ve earned your points, you can spend them on discounts on future purchases, exclusive sets and items, and digital products such as coloring activities. You’ll also be able to use your points to get tickets to events and experiences and enter VIP-exclusive sweepstakes.

Do LEGO VIP points expire?

All Points will expire after 18 months of no activity on the VIP Account. Activity is defined as earning or redeeming Points. The 18 months will be rolling and will be reset at the time of activity. LEGO Group will send you a reminder email to your VIP Account email 3 months before Points expiration.

How much are LEGO VIP points worth in Canada?

Buying a set at the LEGO® Store in Canada used to earn you one VIP point for every dollar you spent. After earning 100 points, you got $5 off of a purchase. This essentially amounted to 5% cashback. Under the new system, spending $1 CAD gets you five VIP points.

Do you have to pay for LEGO VIP?

It’s FREE to join! As a VIP Member, you will enjoy these benefits: $1 Spent = 1 VIP Point Earned. 100 VIP Points = $5 VIP Reward.

Can you use more than one LEGO VIP code?

Yes, you can use more than one discount voucher at a time. However, currently you cannot use more than one promotional code for physical rewards.


Can you use Lego VIP card at Legoland?

No, unfortunately at this time we cannot redeem or reward LEGO VIP Points due to system incompatibility. For more information about LEGO VIP benefits, please visit the LEGO VIP website.

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