How do you get the Gryffindor piece in Harry Potter Lego?

Gryffindor (red): After drilling a hole in the lake, throw all six fish into the water with (WL). Slytherin (green): Destroy ten black rocks using (DM). Ravenclaw (blue): After drilling the hole in the lake, use (RD) on the chest.

How do you get Gryffindor crest in Leaky Cauldron?

Walk forward to where the witch in green sits and rotate the candle there, and put the pieces together once more. The Gryffindor Crest piece will appear above you. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the three small tables to turn them into a ramp, and then jump up on the ramp to collect it.

How do you get the house crest in Lego Harry Potter Year 3?

Hogwarts Crests

Gryffindor (red): After melting the big snowman, you will find a digging spot on the left. Dig out a giant snowball and get onto it. Roll down the alley and hit the three bowling pins. Slytherin (green): After getting rid of the snowball, move right and pull the chain.

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How do you get 100% completion in Lego Harry Potter?

How to complete the game in 100%? – you have to complete every single mission (24 in total) with True Wizard status, complete house crests, rescue all students (50 in total), collect all Red (20 in total) and Gold (200 in total) Bricks, collect all 167 character tokens.

What spell is DM in Lego Harry Potter?

Spells and magic abilities

Name Shortcut
Wingardium Leviosa / Dark Magic (WL) / (DM)
Lumos (L)
Strengthening Potion none
Lumos Solem (LS)

How do you get the Diagon Alley crest?

Jump through the broken window and walk into the right hand corner of the room towards the screen. The crest is hidden there. When you go into Hogwarts, and reach the end of the corridor, use Griphook to open the safe before you go back outside.

How do you get Ravenclaw Crest in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 4?

Hogwarts Crests

Slytherin (green): In the room with the flying keys, destroy all the small, silver keys. There are ten of them in total – use (RD). Ravenclaw (blue): At the back of the chessboard you will find a chest – open it with (RD). Get onto the horse once it jumps out.

How do you get the Slytherin crest in Dementor’s Kiss?

Shoot the bees’ nest and get rid of the bees to free the Student In Peril. Go to the right and get rid of the nest there, then go down and kill the Cornish Pixies. Put the cloud together to fill the area with water and ride the frog through the checkpoints to get the Slytherin Crest piece.

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Is Lego Harry Potter multiplayer ps4?

There is no competitive multiplayer, although both players can aim a spell at each other, but it does not inflict any damage to the other player’s character, therefore not embracing the gameplay element in the same approach as LEGO Marvel’s Avengers which would have been amazing to have proper battles in a competitive …

How do you get past the books in Lego Harry Potter?

When invisible, you can get near the bouncing red books along the floor, then press the button that is indicated on-screen to pounce on them and eliminate them. Do that to each of the books so that you don’t have to worry about them damaging you while you’re exploring.

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